Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Food is Great

When it comes to restaurant food, the UK gets a bad rap. My sense is that people don’t think about Edinburgh when they think about food, perhaps they should. Many Canadian restaurant owners could learn a thing or two from Edinburgh chefs.

Of course there is what you would expect when it comes to pub food, a bit too heavy for many but, with a good pint to wash it down, who is complaining. There is much more than that however. Edinburgh has every thing from Oink which offers Scottish Hog Roast Rolls to Indian, Italian, Middle Eastern to Scottish contemporary. With all the up and down walking, you can build a mighty appetite in this town

Last night Shelley had a great penne with cherry tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts and chevre. She insisted that I taste it so I could make it for her when we get home. Another evening I had pan seared scallops with chorizo and wild mushroom risotto. They were great.

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  1. Roast hog! I love this. Did you get crackle and stuffing? This is one of my favourite things aobut britian is that you can get Roast Hog all the time. I would like to have the pasta mom had so you should make it when you come home. Did your scallops have the roe stuff on it?