Monday, June 8, 2009

Hadrian Day Two

This will be a short post for now since the library has kindly given me limited free access to the internet.

We saw the wall for the first time since Wallsend, first thing this morning. Then not again for some time. Signs of the wall are revealed slowly to walkers. For a while we mostly saw earthworks then more remnants late of the day.

We ended the day in Wall. Another 23 km walked today.

Tomorrow we will see the wall for most of the walk but it is a tough walk with lots of up and down near the end.

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  1. Hi Gord, i came across your blog whilst doing some background research for the march 13th event when torches will be lit along all 83 miles of the wall ( see
    We live close to the wall and even after many years still do not know all it's history and secrets. Interestingly the wall wasn't the most northern point of the Roman empire and it was also used to stop people from the south having free access to the north. Very much a two way frontier.