Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Robin Hood Tree

For those of you who have seen Robin Hood movie, much of it was shot around here, Northumberland pretending to be Nottinghamshire.

The locals are pretty scathing about it but don’t fail to point out the tree they tried to hang Kevin Costner from.

You come upon the tree after coming down from Steel Rigg, one of the many predominant geographical features of the country around here. There are two trails here, one over the top another around the middle. After the climbing over the top of all these hills to this point we chose to take the lower route for the last one. I am not sure my knees could have taken yet another steep climb.

1 comment:

  1. The tree in your picture looks a whole lot healthier than the "real" Robin Hood oak tree.
    It was being propped up (in various places) when I saw it - thirty years ago. Seems that I remember a really bad British wind-storm - a number of years ago as well - that spelled the end of the tree (along with thousands of others).