Saturday, June 6, 2009

Off to Newcastle

We loved Edinburgh and were sorry to move on. It is a city I could easily live it.

We were up early this morning and took the train the Newcastle. It was a great train ride through the country side, a good deal of it along the coast.

We didn't see much of the city but headed out to Walls End where our hotel is located.

I always tell Shelley that I always judge hotels by the information and advice they provide their clientle. For example a hotel with a sign by the tub which says "Please make sure the shower curtain is inside the tub before turning on shower". is usually an indicator that the hotel is on the lower end of the chain. The hotel we are staying is has a notice in the room which asks that guests do not "...set off the fire extinguishers in the room" Do you think that indicates this is a bit of a party hotel?

We met up with the others on this Hadrian Wall walk early afternoon. A couple from Ottawa, a woman from New York City, the guide and his son and us.

We head out after breakfast in the morning. We walk 25 km tomorrow. A piece of cake.

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